“What Is A Christian” Acts 11:26  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“The Past, The Present, The Future” Titus 2:11-14 STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Christmas Day Service" 2016 STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Christmas Eve Candlelight Service" 2016 STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Politics-The Issues and The Word of God" 2016 STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Father's Day "Crown and Glory" 2016 STREAM  DOWNLOAD

A Heroic Mother 2016 STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Marks of a Witness 2016 STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Resurrection Sunday 2016 STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Palm Sunday 2016 STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Of God and Warriors”  Veteran’s Day 2015  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Freedom”  Independence Day 2015  [STREAM]  [DOWNLOAD]

Father’s Day 2015   [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

Memorial Day 2015 [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

"Where Are You?”  May 31, 2015  [STREAM]  [DOWNLOAD]

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