Welcome Back Guest Mike Owen - Colossians 3:1-4  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

“Sanctity of Life Sunday"

Valerie Mangrum - Durango Pregnancy Center  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Justified by Faith Romans 4:1-8 (Tab Grey)  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Are we real? John 6, 8, 10, Pastor George  STREAM  DOWNLOAD

Marks of a Witness (David Reed Myers)  [STREAM]  [DOWNLOAD]

Beauty in Suffering (Steve Walb)  [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

April 2016 (James Vaughn)  [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

Mother’s Day 2015 (Steve Walb)  [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

“The Ten Commandments of Faith” (Boots Hardy)  [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

“How Important You Are” (Roger Russell)  [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

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